DNA Testing


Following the Human Gene Map!

Our genetic material defines every aspect of our life, right from the definition of our physical features to our “gifts”, our disadvantages and our susceptibility to disease. Although more than 99% of human DNA is identical among all people, it is the remaining 1% that makes us each unique. These tiny differences are called mutations and define our differences with other people. Mutations in our genetic material make us unique, give us special abilities and advantages, but also create barriers and cause increased susceptibility.

Anti-Aging DNA Test detects mutations in certain genes which affect skin aging. By learning about the genetic profile of the individual tested, we can recommend appropriate preventive measures to delay the onset of aging and the formation of wrinkles.

The results obtained from your DNA test will determine the skin’s current biological and physiological condition of:

Collagen – Elastin – Moisture – Environmental Aggression & Pollutions – Malignant Mutations – Particular Sensitivities Oxidation and Free Radicals – Inflammatory Tendencies – Dermal Tissue

The treatment will improve and restore your skin’s biological and physiological condition by:
  • Improve Collagen Connective Tissue Degradation – Deminish wrinkles, tighten and lift face.
  • Free Radical Removal – Restore anti-oxidative abilities with antioxidants.
  • Decreasing Skin Irritability – Minimize inflammatory response.
  • Skin Replishment – Cellular growth through exfoliation.
  • UV Damage Repair – Decreasing risk of skin cancer.

The investment for DNA testing is $400 and is not a requirement.

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