Bio Anti-aging Technology

Bio-availability technology is the micronized process of ingredients, breaking them down to their smallest living particle for ultimate delivery. This cutting-edge technology allows for the ultimate results in skin care, hair care, and nutrition. FCX DNA products offer potent nutrient blends of vitamins, minerals and other natural extracts to delay skin aging, protect skin from skin lesions and look and feel the best for as long as possible.

Our Personalized formulas propose complete cosmetic solutions which combine the optimal assortment of vitamins and natural extracts, are tailored to individual profiles or objectives and are necessary in your daily routine in order to:

  • Achieve optimal skin nourishing and moisturizing effects
  • Stimulate skin cells regeneration
  • Protect from DNA damage caused by UV irradiation and environmental pollutants
  • Prevent serious skin lesions
  • Prevent premature skin aging

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