What will I get from a DNA test with regard to the condition of my skin?

The results obtained by the DNA test; will provide us the skin’s current biological and physiological condition: skin quality, skin ageing, the condition of the Collagen in the skin and the Collagen-forming ability, the condition of the Elastin in the skin and the Elastin-forming ability, the skin’s state of moisture, the state of the skin due to the environmental aggression & pollution, malignant mutations, particular sensitivities, oxidation and free radicals, inflammatory tendencies, the formation state of the dermal tissues, the tissues formation ability, etc., etc. Accordingly, recommendations will be given in regarding which products to use for immediate improvement and restoration of the skin’s biological and physiological condition.

What is special about the DNA line of cosmetics products?

This unique line was scientifically developed in accordance with the action of the genes on the function of the skin, and was scientifically adapted to the role of each and every gene. See YOUR DERMA GENES, which includes a table of specific matches between the DNA cosmetics products and genes found to have defective function. According to the results obtained, we will certainly be able to provide the appropriate cosmetics products.

Is it worthwhile to purchase the DNA cosmetics without testing, and still benefit from its advantages?

Yes, definitely. The quality of this cosmetics line is much higher than that of other lines of skin care and anti-aging products on the market. The DNA cosmetics line is made purely of the best active ingredients your skin requires. Our active ingredients are produced by the famous Swiss company “Pentapharm”, which is the leading company for active ingredients. Using these products as your daily cosmetics will show excellent results even for skin that has never been tested. The skin will be restored, become healthier and show rapid metabolism and rejuvenating of cells, and result in strong, flexible and fresh skin.

I want to test my DNA; how is sampling done?
  1. DNA sampling is easy; painless and does not require blood. A test kit is sent and after performing the sampling you will send it back for analysis. Instructions for sampling:
  2. It involves taking cells from the inside of your cheeks with specialized and sterilized buccal swabs-one swab for each cheek.-The DNA from these cells will be at the laboratory, extracted and analyzed.
  3. It is advisable that if you had anything to eat or drink within the last hour before swabbing [including coffee or tea] you should wash your mouth first by swirling water in your mouth and spitting it out two or three times. This assures washing away any existing food particles as well as coffee or tea that sometimes interferes with the required DNA amplification for genotyping.
  4. What is really needed from you is an actual scraping-swabbing of the inside of the cheek. Move the stylus back and forth, up and down and by rotating it alternatively clockwise and counter-clockwise for at least 30 seconds. The process should be repeated in the other cheek.
  5. Caution is required because the shaft of the swab is not always rigid and can easily bend the cotton tip. In this case it might lose the contact with the epithelium might be and swabbing would be done incorrectly.
  6. To assure contact of the cotton tip with the epithelium you can put your finger on the outside of cheek, feel the cotton tip through the skin and apply pressure to it, while swabbing.
Is there a date beyond which the saliva in the swabs I sent can no longer be used?

There is no need to hurry or to worry. Your cells in the saliva, even in a dry state, remain usable for very long time.

Does my DNA change? If so, how often should I perform the test?

Your DNA is an inseparable part of yourself, and it never changes. If you perform the test at age 18 and again at age 78, you will get the same result.

How reliable is the result of the test?

As they say, “DNA doesn’t lie”. The DNA chain in your body is your personal essence, and every gene has a role. The test is completely accurate, and will diagnose any defective function of a specific gene tested at your request.

What is the difference between blood tests done for me by the general healthcare services and a DNA test, in terms of reliability and accuracy?

Currently, the blood tests performed by the general healthcare services do not include the issues that we test.

A blood test is a variable thing, and therefore so are the results. The condition of the blood sent for testing depends on many factors, such as: stress, what you drank before the test, what you ate during the past week, how long you fasted before the test, how much sugar you consumed during the past week, etc., etc. It is almost certain that every month, you will obtain a different result from the previous month because of all the variable factors. In contrast to this, DNA always yields the same result, and does not depend on any factor other than your genes, which do not change and never will change.

How long does the testing take, and when do I receive the result?

The test takes approximately 72 hours. Taking into account the postal delivery time and the waiting time for the laboratory test, the result will be conveyed in three to four weeks.

How will I receive the test result?

We will report the results to you as per your instructions – by e-mail, registered mail or fax.

How is information about me kept?

Your name and details are kept in one database only, secured with the best technology. From the moment of your registration, your name and details receive a code number. From that moment on, the entire chain of tests performed and the transfer of your file from one department to the next is only by the code that you received. No company employee knows your name or your personal details. You will receive your personal code number from us. The result that you receive will also bear your code number, not your name. See our Privacy Policy.

What advantage do you have over other companies?

After 5 years of research, we hold the largest database of decoded genes in the world – over 190, whereas other companies do not even have 50 decoded genes. This achievement enables us to perform more comprehensive and more accurate tests. As a result, the test results are accurate and reliable.

What makes us different?

Although more than 99% of human DNA is identical among all people, it is the remaining fraction of 1% that makes us each unique. These tiny differences in DNA from person to person are known scientifically as ‘mutations.’ They build our physical identity and define together with the environmental factors our individuality.

DNA: Does it shape our lives?

All human characteristics – from the color of our hair and even our personality to our physical condition and vulnerability to disease – are to a significant degree defined by the genetic information hidden in our DNA! Genes which are particular segments of the DNA – control traits, characteristics and overall health.

What is the meaning: Predictive Genomics?

Predictive Genomics is the field of medicine that deals with the detection of specific mutations in the DNA, which are associated with certain traits, characteristics or common polygenic – multifactorial diseases.

Personalized ↔ Predictive ↔ Preventive ↔ Participatory

Which are the benefits from Predictive Genomics testing?

The ultimate purpose of Predictive Genomics is to pave the way for the appropriate early, and as much as possible individualized and personalized actions in order to:

  • Be Healthier & Live Longer
  • Prevention – Risk Reduction
  • Timely, targeted, customized medical cosmetics for environmental intervention
  • Look Younger and Feel Better
  • Anti-aging
  • Benefit from natural advantages
  • Overcome genetic barriers
How the genes to be tested are selected?

Gene mutations are, to every extent possible, specifically selected to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Relevant: The mutation exerts direct influence over the biological system of interest and directly relates to traits, symptom clusters, or disease. The biological effect of the mutation is clearly documented in the scientific literature.
  • Prevalent: The mutation is relatively common in the general population. These DNA changes are also known as polymorphisms, representing the gene variants (alternative forms of the genes). Every attempt has been made to exclude mutations with less than 1% population frequency.
  • Modifiable: The effect of the mutation can – to a significant degree – be modifiable by appliance of the appropriate measures and corrective actions. These could be Medical, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Environmental, Life-Style, Training guidelines.
  • Measurable: The impact of corrective actions that can modify the effects of the mutations is measurable -with the passing of time after applied – by laboratory assays when possible.
ANTI-AGING & Dermagenomics
  • Collagen Synthesis
  • Skin Anti-oxidation
  • Skin Irritability
  • Skin Detoxification
  • Skin cancer
  • Skin replenishment
  • Inflammatory response
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Detoxification
How can I cancel my order?

Please contact customer service as soon as possible. Please be aware that once your item has shipped, the order cannot be canceled, so please try to be as sure as possible of the item you are ordering at the time of purchase. Email Support: support@fcx-dna.com

What is your exchange/return policy?

Please read our return policy below and the instructions of what you need to do in order to have your items exchanged or if you are returning your order for a refund.

Will I be emailed my tracking number once my order ships out?

Yes, you are emailed a tracking number once the order has been approved to ship, assigned a tracking number and handed over to the warehouse for shipment.

Will my credit card information be secure?

Yes, our site is a full secured site. All information submitted will be kept private and will not be released or sold.

How do you ship the orders?

Orders sent globally to street addresses by couriers such as FedEx, EMS, UPS or DHL. Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes and rural routes.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all valid credit cards.

Return Policy

Purchased items can be returned within 14 days from the day you received your shipment. No returns will be accepted after this time frame. Please be sure to include your order number, name, and the reason for return. You will then receive an e-mail with a return authorization to include in your return.

Returned items:
  • All return products must be in their original NEW & Unopened condition.
  • 15% Restocking fee will be applied.
  • Shipping and handling charge is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Receipt number required.
Refund or Exchange:

A refund or exchange of a purchased item; Please ship back your item to the address specified in the return label. Upon receiving of your returned item, a refund will be issued using the same payment method unless otherwise instructed by you.

Wrong or Defective Product:

If you received the wrong item, or the item is defective, you may ask for exchange or refund. The item will be shipped free of charge.

For further questions or information:

Regarding returns, please contact us at: support@fcx-dna.com.

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