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Predictive Genomics

The key of reading, reacting and responding to our DNA lies in Predictive Genomics. This is the field of medicine that deals with the detection of mutations in our DNA and the use of this genetic information to make a relative prediction, regarding the physical condition of individuals or their risks to disease. Identifying these mutations is a precious tool which can help us to try modifying the risks or enhance our abilities by applying the appropriate for each individual medical, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

Based strictly on scientific evidence, we have designed a group of DNA tests on Anti-aging:

Anti-Aging & Beauty DNA Test detects mutations in certain genes which affect skin aging. It also detects mutations in genes that control nutrient (food) metabolism and susceptibility to diseases, affecting not only the appearance of the skin but also general health status.

By learning about their genetic profile of the individual tested, we can recommend appropriate preventive measures to delay the onset of aging and the formation of wrinkles.

We provide with personalized information about genetic nutritional, so that individuals can protect their skin from many factors that are responsible for aging, and manage them in the most efficient way.

Genes tested are related to:

  • Dermagenomics
  • Collagen Synthesis
  • Skin Anti-oxidation
  • Skin Irritability
  • Skin Detoxification
  • Skin Replenishment
  • Skin Cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma)
  • Skin Cancer (Melanoma)
  • Early Loss of Hair (both for men and women)

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